Opening and support of LLC (GmbH) in Germany


We help entrepreneurs to open a business in Germany. In each case, we assess the legal and financial risks and then recommend the organizational and legal form of the business to be chosen..

We provide full support for the client when opening a business in Germany, including:

* GMBH registration
* opening an account in Germany
* opening of a branch in Germany
* legal address in Germany
* accounting and administrative support for a company in Germany

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Complete list of services

LLC registration
GmbH registration in any region of Germany
Management LLC
German business correspondence, invoicing, receiving business mail and calls and providing a legal address
Obtaining a European transport license after registering a transport company in Germany
Accounting and audit
Professional accounting assistance of your company for accounting and taxation
Opening an account in Germany
Opening an account in Germany for a non-resident. Opening an account in Germany for a non-resident individual
Invoicing without VAT
The easiest way to avoid paying VAT is to invoice an EU resident company first. Use our service


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What does a non-resident earn by opening a business in Germany?

1.the possibility of doing business and buying real estate in Germany
2. membership of the chamber of commerce and access to lawyers, consultants, suppliers access to European manufacturers without intermediaries or distributors