Accidents in Europe

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We provide a clear action plan for road accidents in Europe

We advise you on post-accident behavior, evacuation, repair, liability issues and damage recovery procedure.

We cooperate with insurance companies for compensation for damage in the event of an accident.

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Complete list of services

Help during the accident in Europe
Communication assistance with accident participants, witnesses, authorities and rescue services in Russian, German, English, Polish and Lithuanian.
Evacuation and repair
Calling a car evacuation service, selecting a car service for the repair of trucks and light vehicles, repair at the breakdown site, support until the end of the repair
Compensation for damage in the event of a road accident in Europe
Recovery of compensation for damage caused to a car in an accident in Germany and Poland at European rates, including an invoice for towing, downtime, rental, contractual fines, loss of profits
Damage assessment after the road accident in Europe
The cost of a damage assessment is calculated based on the amount of damage. The cost of the damage assessment is the responsibility of the perpetrator, so this service is free for the victim
Copy of the report
Obtaining a police report is the necessary first step in a compensation procedure. The request for the police varbal trial is paid by the perpetrator of the accident and is a free service for the victims
Moral damage after an accident in Europe
In most European countries non-pecuniary damage is paid on the basis of the Court's annual appraisal table. Moral damage can range from a simple bruise (bruise) to the suffering of parents who have lost loved ones
Temporary or permanent, partial or complete disability must be compensated by the person responsible for the accident. The assessment is based on the period of disability and the level of the last salary


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