Free consultation In the event of an accident in Europe. Transport assistance in the event of accidents and fines in Germany. Compensation for damage in road accidents without prepayment Compensation for damages without prepayment

Help with fines and accidents
in Europe

We cooperate with lawyers and lawyers from Germany, Poland, Austria, Lithuania
and other European countries
Free consultation
Fines in Europe
Accidents in Europe
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About the company

DELTA TELESFOR is a German company

- 15 years of experience in assisting drivers and carriers
- Representatives in Russia, Germany, Poland, Lithuania
- Network of lawyers and lawyers across Europe

Our clients

- International carriers
- Truck drivers
- Insurance companies
- International entrepreneurs

Why do customers choose us?

- Free consultation
- Free assistance in the event of a road accident in Europe
- Supported in RU, LT, DE, EN, PL, FR
- Appeal of fines without prepayment
- Payment only in case of success
Without prepayment

Most of the customers who come to us for the first time,
become our customers forever!

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SP Eurotraid,

Мы уже более 15 лет работаем с Delta Telesfor по штрафам и ДТП. Это, я думаю, говорит само за себя

If I have a question about Germany or if the car is under control, I immediately call here
SARL Transcom,

Delta Telesfor fights for us as for itself and only takes costs for success. Therefore, we have been customers for more than 5 years
White Track

Protection of carriers in Europe

Recovery of damage due to road accidents in Europe, assistance with controls and recourse to fines in Western Europe. We help hauliers reimburse costs incurred as a result of accidents on EU roads and significantly reduce costs associated with fines and vehicle arrests in Germany and Austria.



Services for insurance companies in Europe

We work with insurance companies in Russia and other Eastern European countries in the following areas

* recovery of the regressions of road accidents in Europe * organization of assistance to customers of insurance companies after an accident in Russian, German, English, Polish, Romanian and French.

Services for entrepreneurs in Germany

Creation and support of companies in Germany. Evaluate all the disadvantages and advantages of registering a business in Germany, ordering a legal address, director, accountant, auditor, notary services, mail processing and access all advantages of the Chamber of Commerce German

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